USA Locations

Northeast Ohio

Ambassadors Football has a rich history serving in the northeast corner of Ohio. From club to camps, there are multi-generational players that are having an impact in the community through Ambassadors. In and around the city of Cleveland there are many opportunities to minister through the world’s game, football. The main focus of the ministry is through soccer camps, club, and community outreach in addition to supporting the global work of Ambassadors Football.

There are many different ways to participate with Ambassadors and the team in Ohio is always actively seeking those with servant hearts to assist. Join Ambassadors as a coach for one of our 20+ teams in our club, to be trained and serve in our camps throughout the summer, or minister to kids in our after-school programs. The Ohio group is always looking for additional churches to partner with who would like to host international team of coaches and an Ambassadors Soccer Camp to reach their communities for Christ.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Ambassadors Football is serving the city of Pittsburgh through community programs, a travel league, and futsal teams. Ambassadors ministers to the children and their families from Pittsburgh and around the world as they seek to reach the diverse communities they have been called to. There is a great need for coaches in Pittsburgh who can come alongside kids to teach, encourage, and mentor the children in their programs.

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In today’s world young people grow up without a biblical world view and without Christian role models in their lives. The most popular global game of soccer combined with the word of God can break this cycle for the next generation. In the Dallas Metroplex this is no different. The soccer fields in the Dallas Metroplex are currently places where people want to come to enjoy the beautiful game of football (soccer). However, what if these same people would not only enjoy the game of soccer, but hear the Word of God as well?

At Ambassadors Football Dallas we would like to make God known to the next generation through soccer. We envision Christian coaches and players to be change agents on this third space called the soccer field that God wants to use for His glory. To do this Ambassadors Football has developed a global soccer ministry framework throughout the 35 years of existence: to model, to mobilize and to multiply soccer ministry in every country and culture.

We believe that the new ministry location in the Dallas Metroplex will be uniquely positioned to be a launching platform for global soccer ministry. Not only because it is part of the Bible Belt, soccer is one of the biggest sports amongst youth here, but also because Dallas is amongst the 13 top soccer cities in the US and has a fast growing Latino and refugee population. In fact the Dallas Metroplex is considered to grow with 1M people in the next 10 years!

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