Coaches Summer Experience

A Five Week Football Missions Trip

We’re looking for Christian footballers from around the world to join us during the summer to take part in the Ambassadors Summer Experience. You will be trained in football ministry and coaching skills in a truly unique cross-cultural environment. This mission trip is like no other.


As a member of the Ambassadors Summer Experience team, you’ll first gather in Cleveland, Ohio to take part in our training course with other team members from around the world. During that week, you’ll learn about various aspects of sports ministry specifically focused on providing valuable hands-on experience in the areas of:

  • Ministry
  • Coaching/Teaching
  • Cross-cultural studies
  • Service
  • Leadership

After your training week is complete, you’ll be assigned to a team and sent out to serve at Ambassadors Soccer Camps for children ages 6-14 years across the USA. Throughout the camp season you will have many opportunities to interact and serve with the local churches while you learn and spend time with Christian coaches from around the world. You will live in the host-homes of people associated with the church-sponsored camp where you’ll receive a truly immersive USA cultural experience. By the end of this Ambassadors mission trip, you will have served in a life-changing experience that you will not soon forget.


“I can’t recommend summer camps enough. It’s amazing to feel like you’re making a difference in the lives of young people, but also to see how God is changing you in the process. The host families were all so welcoming and you make friends for life on the camps. If you like football, people, and mission, you will LOVE the summer tour.”
Bronnie King, tour member in 2019

Many coaches who have served in Ambassadors Summer Experience have returned home to their native countries to serve more effectively in their local Ambassadors group, start their own Ambassadors ministry program, or have even been called to begin a new work elsewhere in the world. Perhaps the call to missions will be part of your Summer Experience with us!

2023 General Information
DATES: Monday July 3 – Sunday, August 6
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Cost: $300