Nepal Earthquake Appeal

posted by:  on05/12/2015

At about midday local time on April 25th 2015 a large earthquake struck the heart of Nepal. The poorest country in Asia was left in a state of devastation. Buildings are unsafe, the population is fearful and the needs are immense.

Ambassadors Football was registered in Nepal in December 2014. Just two weeks ago a football camp took place in the Kathmandu valley for 90 children, some from the slum areas of the city. Our team is currently trying to locate all of the children and the families of those who took part. You can imagine the difficulty of this with the state of communication and infrastructure in Kathmandu.

Romi Tandukar, our country coordinator, commented as the camp finished, “All I can say is God has been good all the time and He is at work. As for us, the camp is not over; it has just begun. Our real work now begins.”

And now she and the rest of Nepal are faced with devastation.

Romi Tandukar wrote this shortly after the quake: “Our house has also got several cracks… but I am assured of the prayers from many of my families around the world who have been praying for us… so good to belong to one greater God whom we serve.”

Romi has worked with other non-government organizations in the past and is ready to help the church meet the needs of the people right now. We are assessing along with partners the best way to help meet immediate needs and longer-term support.

Ambassadors Football has helped in similar situations in Haiti after their earthquake of 2010 and in other natural disasters in the past ten years.

We see a great opportunity for us to be a bridge for those who can give to those who can meet the needs of the people in Nepal. We know that many other organizations are seeking to meet the needs of the people of Nepal at this time. We see Ambassadors Football as specially placed because of our network of coaches throughout the country and our International network to get resources very quickly to the points of need.

We would do this in two key ways:

  1. Immediate help

We would send some finances immediately to Romi and her team to enable them to give relief to those that may be missed through other organizations.

  1. Community re-building programmes

We have especially seen that football can bring joy, purpose and new hope to communities devastated by loss. Sport in itself has been used especially to help children learn to share and deal with the trauma of loss through natural disasters. We would use some of the funds raised later in 2015 to help host camps and play football with communities as they re-build their lives. This is a unique way in which Ambassadors Football can help.

One of our senior leaders in Asia has been planning on moving to Kathmandu in July to support Romi and lead the work in Nepal for the next few years. We see this timing as incredibly strategic. brings experience and outside contacts that can then help in the ongoing months with the re-building process that needs to continue for many years.

If you give today we will be able to serve the people of Nepal in a direct way both now and in the long-term future.

How can you give?

  1. You can give online via the following website by CLICKING HERE

Thank you for standing with us as we seek to serve.

More information will be available as and when we receive it.